Professional Guitarist and Tutor

About Me

I have over 35 years professional playing and teaching experience. Classically trained at an early age I did the usual school and local show performances eventially forming my first rock band at around aged 10. At age 18 I made my way to the States hoping to find fame and fortune...I didn`t !! ... However, I found enough work to make a living. I played in various bands and also did some session work. This is also where I discovered my love for teaching.Having returned to the UK I ended up playing in several bands throughout the 80s and 90s and i also started teaching from my own private studio.These days, along with the usual writing, recording and playing, one of my main things is teaching which i love with a passion. I have recently been commissioned to write a series of guitar educational books, the first of which will be available soon. I have also just finished my second solo album.I dont like being labelled as a particular type of guitarist. I love playing, teaching and listening to all kinds of music and not just guitar music. Anything that involves real instruments and has a nice melody I will always enjoy. As someone once said..there are only two types of music...Good and Bad and sometimes the bad can be good!